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December 07, 2020 Patrick & Nick Season 1
9to5 Hackers
9to5 Hackers Trailer
Show Notes

A lot of shit is going down in America right now. How do you feel about it?

Did you know… the millennial generation is the largest population in America today.

How are WE affected by mask mandates, lockdowns, and relinquishment of our freedoms?

We were raised mostly by the Baby Boomer generation, how does our upbringing affect our American ideals compared to the up and coming generations?

Do you have strong opinions?

Do you have goals and responsibilities in your life?

Tune in weekly where we discuss important topics such as:

Entrepreneurship in America today
Drug culture
Toxic feminism
Headline news
Social trends
And more

America needs us now more than ever. Our future generations depend on us.

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